The Power Of Colour...

The Power Of Colour And How To Embrace It In Your Style


Colour does more than just look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It inspires our mood, shows off our unique attributes and influences seasonal styles. It can also be used to identify a brand- whether a personal brand or a business. Businesses for example use colour within their branding on a surface level, to make their brand memorable. On a deeper level, they also convey messages about who they are and what they’re all about through the colours that they choose.

It’s the same for us as individuals. We choose colours on a surface level- Colours we like. Just because. We choose them because they suit us, or because we were influenced by them from popular culture and society. On the other hand we also gravitate to certain colours on a much deeper, subconscious level too. Why is this? Well scientifically, colour speaks to the receptors in our brains and allows us to become immersed in shades and tones that we find stimulating. Likewise colours are engrained in culture and spirituality. They have personal meanings based on our own cultural experiences and ties. All of these factors, whether deeply or superficially, help us to decide which colours to surround ourselves with and even wear.

Some of these choices are temporary. They might be influenced by the weather and the environment around us. It could however, be a life-long love affair with a certain colour or shade and one that ends up becoming a part of your own iconic personal brand. Perhaps it’s decorating your house with colours that speak to you or maybe its wearing a colour that is big in seasonal fashion because you can relate to it somehow. Whatever your reason for embracing a colour(s), or equally avoiding them, it says a lot!

So what do those colours you wear say about you and the world around you. We’ve put together a guide to some of the most powerful colours and their meanings, as well as how you can embrace them within your style.




The colour of love and seduction has long been synonymous with passion, energy and confidence. It is a well-known fact that red is an ideal colour in fashion for women who want to feel their best. Red in itself is an incredibly empowering colour because psychologically, it stands out to the human eye. When you see the colour red, you take notice of it! So whether its business wear or that special date dress, red gets noticed and your confidence will shine through- self-assured and assertive in life, work and love. Red lipstick for example, has been making a statement in beauty for decades. When we think of classic red lipstick wearers like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, we think of women who are seen as powerful in their womanhood.

Red is often known as a seasonally diverse colour too. It looks incredible in the summer and you can certainly take it into the Autumn and Winter to brighten up your style among more muted palettes.


If you want to try out the colour you can add it into your style subtly. Why not try adding pops of red, such as a handbag and matching shoes. Or go even more minimal and add gentle touches of red within your jewellery, such as a red ruby/garnet pendant. Rubies have after-all been associated with greatness and power for centuries (Queen’s wear them). These pops of colour can be an absolutely wonderful way to embrace that passion and show off your confidence.



The primary colour blue evokes feelings of calm and peace. It is a serene colour that is found from the depths of the sea all the way up to the sky. It’s no wonder then that many people attribute this colour to serenity. Surrounding yourself with blue, whether in your home or on your person, has the power to make you feel meditative. Blue is traditional, and has long been involved in cultures around the world. A great example of this is the Evil Eye from Greece, The Middle-East and Asia. The Evil eye is iconic for its deep blue, white and lighter blue colours and is placed in homes or worn on the person to ward off the malevolent glare of the evil eye curse. These deep shades of blue evoke spirituality and allow the person who adorns it to feel connected to that spirituality.

Thankfully, there is in essence, a shade of blue for every person and skin type. Whether it’s a deep ocean blue or a summer turquoise, blue is undoubtedly one of the most flattering colours to add to your style cohort. Light blues feel much more fun and youthful, so if you’re looking for that chilled out summer vibe, go lighter with a blue bag by your side. Dark blues in contrast feel elegant and timeless and can be worn whatever the season, so instead of opting for a black outfit, mix it up with a dark blue dress or trousers.


Just like blue, the colour green is tied into nature and the Earth. Green allows us to connect with mother nature and represents our spiritual, mental and physical health as well as the health of our planet. Green is vibrant and youthful, which makes it the perfect colour for people of all ages to wear and enjoy. The youthful aspect of the colour represents renewal in life, which is undoubtedly what makes it such a fond colour for many people.


While green is a striking colour to choose, it is also a powerful one to wear. Deeper greens such as emeralds which are found in jewellery have a royal richness to them. They often represent fertility, energy and abundance. Someone who chooses to wear green therefore is seen as wealthy, whether that be financially or in other areas of life.


If you want to add some green into your style, think about choosing jewellery with elements of deep greens in them such as drop earring with a stone like a green onyx. These gems will add heaps of elegance to your style. If you want to embrace the fun side of green go for lighter shades of the colour and show off that youthful playfulness through your bag and accessories.



Even though pink is from the same family as red, it is seen a lot more gentle and soft compared to its cousin. Pink has been linked over time, with femininity and friendship. It is sweet and there are also romantic undertones. It channels love but in a much more tender way. And yet, through the gentleness of the colour pink, a lot of people find that there is great power and meaning. Pink actually gives off similar feelings of empowerment to red and shows that whoever chooses pink is truly able to be themselves. That’s why many people are reclaiming stereotypes of pink as a colour. In 2022, it is not a colour for passivity, if anything, the power of pink shows that we can all be ourselves, whatever that looks and feels like.


Pink is also the colour of spring, which makes it a wonderful choice to add into your spring and summer fashion in some way. If you are not used to pink but want to give it a go, then try and channel the glamorous nature of pink through your accessories. A light pink clutch bag can look incredibly elegant for formal events, while a hotter pink shade can ramp up the fearless energy for nights out. Play around with pink in your clothes and accessories to find a shade that makes you feel your absolute best. 

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