Meet the IamSx Range… Sassy, Sexy & Seductive!

Are you ready to get Sassy?

IamStunning is delighted to unveil the new brand IamSx handbag range with our first clutch bag, 'Sassy'.

You love our jewellery, now get ready to fall in love with our new Italian handbag collection. Perfect for day or night, these gorgeous Italian leather clutch handbags named 'Sassy' have all been expertly hand-crafted with love and care.

IamSustainable - #iamsustainable

Our collection of luxury leather handbags started life in Italy. Family-run artisan businesses were carefully chosen to realise IamStunning’s vision. Crafted from environmentally friendly and sustainable vegetable-tanned Italian leather, every handbag in the IamSx brand radiates luxury and stylish flair.

IamSassy - #iamsassy

Effortlessly transform any outfit into a Sassy look by adding the artisanal touch of trendy, contemporary yet functional handbags. Each Italian leather handbag is handcrafted and features distinctive hardware and finish, standing out from the crowd in style. The modern, classic feel enhances any look to peak Sassy and fashionable levels.

The tan colourway is our personal favourite for everyday use, pairing well with almost any casual outfit. Better yet, you can seamlessly transition from day to night with this versatile piece, with the tan option also perfect for the autumnal months.

IamSexy - #iamsexy

The sleek look of the new Sassy clutch bags adds an aura of sexiness to every outfit. If you’re feeling daring, add a pop of colour with passionate red Sassy clutch bag. This bold piece is guaranteed to bring you confidence as you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whichever colour you go for, you’ll be sure to feel sexy and free thanks to your new bag’s sleek, classic design.

IamSeductive - #iamseductive

Seduce and be seduced by the Sassy handbags. Hand-crafted and finished to perfection, the IamSx range emanates seductive chic however you wear them. No night out on the town is complete without a stunning black Italian leather bag, the ideal night-time bag.

IamStunning - #iamstunning

The show-stopping Sassy clutch bag also comes in a dazzling white. This classy, elegant style can be dressed up or down; we love this colour for matching with brunch, afternoon tea, and formalwear looks. Whichever Sassy bag you choose, you’re sure to look stunning.

IamSeasonal - iamseasonal
With a choice of classic and seasonal styles, the IamSx handbag range has something for everyone, all the time. From a pop of bold red in the spring to pure white in the winter, these timeless bags will see you through year after year.

IamSafe - #iamsafe
We hate it when a new item turns up covered in dust and dirt accumulated from the delivery process. While you eagerly await your delivery, you can be sure your gorgeous new Sassy handbag will turn up spotless thanks to our luxurious satin dust covers.

The dust covers protect your handbag while in transit, keeping it in pristine condition whilst it makes its way to you. Once your stunning new bag arrives, it’ll be ready to use right away, and you’ll be ready to get Sassy.

Shop our new IamSx Italian handbag collection now to find the perfect handbag for your sensual, sexy, and seductive self.

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