Jewellery & Handbags: The Romeo & Juliet of Accessorising

Jewellery and handbags are a classic accessory pairing as old as time. Comparable to the love story of Romeo & Juliet, with jewellery and handbags, you can’t have one without the other. The close ties and rich history between the two accessories combine to create a striking duo as bold and elegant as the wearer.

The Origins of Jewellery and Handbags

Jewellery has been around for thousands of years. Before “humans worked metals, jewellery was made of non-precious materials,” even from everyday materials such as shells and pebbles. In its origins, jewellery was an “early form of decorative art,” with ancient jewellery found to have been engraved with “intricate geometric patterns and, later, zoomorphic images.” In the modern era, jewellery can be whatever you want it to be – ornamental, luxurious, or practical.

Handbags also have a long and interesting history. From early European purses to 16th-Century messenger bags, handbags began as solely practical items to carry belongings. However, the potential for decoration and customisation was clear from the start. Decorative elements started being incorporated as early as the 16th Century with bags featuring a “chatelaine,” a decorative clasp with a “series of chains” attached. The 17th and 18th Centuries saw embroidery introduced to decorate the bags, creating some truly stunning designs. Since then, designers have pushed the boat out in terms of eccentric and stylish handbags. Some designer bags we see now aren’t practical, but they sure are beautiful.

In the modern era, both jewellery and handbags have affordable, high-street options all the way to extreme luxury/designer pieces. Accessories are also susceptible to designer knockoffs and dupes. Still, there is no beating the ‘real thing’ – poorly made dupes cannot compare to the luxurious quality of designer accessories. Luxurious jewellery and handbags will always hold high praise for all fashion lovers out there, with unmatched quality and symbolic status.

Jewellery & Handbags: A Love Story

In modern times, jewellery and handbags go hand-in-hand as the ultimate functional and fashionable combination. They complement each other well and both allow people to express themselves through a piece’s design and structure, not to mention the glamorous appeal of big-name brands.

In a love story comparable to Romeo & Juliet, you can’t have one without the other when it comes to jewellery and handbags. Not only are they complementary and harmonising, but a look just doesn’t feel complete without one or the other. Jewellery pieces and handbags need each other to exist, unfinished on their own.

The versatility and customisability of the jewellery and handbag combo are unparalleled, with endless pairings and complementary designs available. No matter your personal taste and style, there will always be a jewellery and handbag pairing out there to suit you.

Are you a fan of pairing stunning, elegant earrings with luxurious leather handbags? Or do you prefer eccentric, unique jewellery worn with a colourful clutch bag? Maybe you’re feeling casual, wearing stud earrings and a simple handbag?

Whichever combination you prefer, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know your favourite combinations of jewellery and handbags over on our Instagram.

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