How to Choose the Right Jewellery for Someone Else

A person’s taste in jewellery is a very personal thing. I mean, even here at I Am Stunning our ethos is to cheerlead personal choice as an expression of self. But jewellery is also the most stunning gift to give to someone you love and respect, however it can be tricky to find just the right pieces to express your feelings and at the same time represent that person’s personality and style. It can be very difficult to choose something that someone else will love – no matter how well you know them – but with the right research it can easier than you might think though; so whether you’re picking a Valentine’s gift for your partner, a birthday present for your daughter or a Mother’s Day gift for your mum, we’ve put together some steps follow to help you choose the perfect piece. Let’s take a deep dive into the questions to ask and the things to consider.

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Find Out if They Wear Jewellery

The first thing you should do if you’re considering buying jewellery as a gift for a certain person is to find out whether they actually wear jewellery. You might already have a picture in your mind of the types of jewellery they wear on a regular basis, but if not, you can take look at what they wear over the coming days or weeks, or look at the most recently worn items on their dresser or in their jewellery box (if you live with them). If you live far away or won’t see the person soon, you can check their recent pictures on Instagram or Facebook for clues or extend your detective skills by asking people close to them.

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Some people have one or two favourite pieces that they always wear – we’d say these are the trickiest to shop for as you’ll have to complement and not replace what they have already. Others go all out with their jewellery and change it up according to moods and moments – these people are a bit easier to shop for, as they might be open to more styles (and as a result, fewer mistakes on your part!). Then, there are those who don’t seem to wear any trinkets at all – and in truth it is hard to change these people, so we’d suggest the most simple and subtle styles for them.

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The Practical Things

Next up, you need to consider the practicals. If you’re thinking of buying earrings, for example, then obviously you will want to first ensure that their ears are pierced. With rings, you have to know the person’s ring size. Bracelets and watches also have to be sized since you don’t always automatically know what size will fit, although they’re easily altered after buying. Necklaces are often the safest bet, but you want to know if the individual would enjoy wearing one and what length of chain can depend on their collarbones and their décolletage as much as their personal style.

Unfortunately, you may not always be able to buy certain metals for everyone due to allergies. Metal allergies are normally caused by the addition of nickel. As a result, if you learn the person you’re shopping for has such an allergy, you will want to be extra careful. Ask about the nickel additive before making a commitment and buying something that could cause the person to break out in an itchy rash. Here at I Am Stunning, we are careful about allergies and all our pieces are hypoallergenic.

Consider the Style They Prefer

If the person you’re shopping for lives with you or you visit them often, like a significant other, it’s easier to learn about their jewellery-wearing habits and preferences, but our other detective tips should help you do your research and get you to first base.  Do they favour a low-key look or do they wear the biggest, flashiest, chunkiest pieces they can find? Do they prefer a vintage aesthetic or more classic, delicate, fine jewellery pieces? These are things to consider when planning to buy jewellery as a gift. Don’t be afraid to show pictures of the kind of thing she wears already to a sales person in a store, or with us, please feel free to send pictures to our online customer service team.

When it comes to precious metals, most people are either gold people or silver/platinum people. So work that out too. Then ask yourself would she favour a more feminine rose gold option too? 

To Gem Or Not To Gem?, That is The Question.

Many women enjoy gemstones in their jewellery. Whether you are considering buying earrings, a ring, a tennis bracelet or a necklace, if you’re considering a gemstone, make sure you know what she likes best. You might be able to get a clue based on pieces she already owns. Perhaps she’s given away verbal clues in the past or her costume jewellery will give clues to what finer pieces she will like and vice versa.

Another option for choosing a specific gemstone with the jewellery you buy is the colour she prefers. Does she wear a lot of blue? Red? You can also choose something based on her birthstone or even her personality.

Once you have all of the answers to these questions, you are much, much closer to finding the perfect jewellery to gift to your special someone. But please ask us any questions, we’re always happy to help and advise!


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Photos - Courtesy of Absolute Jewellery & IamStunning Studio

Author: Cathy Martin (@cathymartin)